Debate: Can the Children Speak? The Voice of Working Children and Adolescents from Latin America and the Bolivian case

BélgicaNNATs, in collaboration with the Bolivia’s Mission to the EU, is delighted to invite you to the debate

Can the Children Speak? – The Voice of Working Children and Adolescents from Latin America and the Bolivian case

Where: European Parliament, ASP 1G2

When: May, 27th - 12:45 am to 3:00 pm

About the debate In line with the proposal made during the EoV that took place in the European Parliament – DEVE Commission – on January 22nd on child labour and the case of the new Child and Adolescent Bolivian Code, this event aims at deepening the discussion by involving and giving voice to the concerned subjects: the working children and adolescents. For this occasion, a working children and adolescent movements delegation from Latin America -and namely Bolivia- will be present to share and explain from their perspective the innovative power, the participative process, which lead to the adoption of the new Code together with challenges the Code poses. Main questions will be how the implementation measures for the protection and participation of working children and adolescents can be strengthened, particularly the functioning of the Ombudspersons (Defensorías) for the rights of childhood. Objectives
  • Analyse the issue on child labour from the perspective of who is directly involved, namely the working children and adolescents
  • Raise awareness about alternative ways of approaching child labour, reflecting upon the case of Bolivia and its new Child and Adolescent Code
  • Seek support by the European Union to implement the Code
  • 2 representatives from a UNATsBo (Union of Working Children and Adolescents of Bolivia) and MOLACNATs (Latin American and Caribbean Movement of Working Children and Adolescents)
  • Lola Sanchez Caldentey, MEP (GUE)
  • Jordi Sebastiá, MEP (GREENS)
  • Bodil Ceballos, MEP (GREENS)
  • Dr. Manfred Liebel, adviser of the Latin American Movement of Working Children and Adolescents
  • Amb. René Fernández, Bolivia's Chief of Mission to the EU
A moderator will introduce the panel and lead the discussion managing speaking and intervention times and handling the interaction with the audience.

The debate will be translated in English and Spanish.

A light refreshment will be provided.